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6th International Tarot Assembly in Israel

"Tarot cards - the mirror of the soul and the mirror of the universe"



Mary K. Greer is a scholar, writer, teacher and professional tarot consultant. With more than forty years experience in tarot as an author and teacher, she advocates a revolutionary approach to learning and using the cards that emphasizes personal insight and creativity. As an expert tarot reader, she works as a ‘midwife of the soul,’ using techniques that are interactive, transformational and empowering.


Sasha Graham, USA

Haunted House Tarot: How to Use Tarot to Turn Fear Into Success

Dark Moon Shadow Self Workshop with Sasha Graham

Use tarot archetypes (Moon, Devil, Tower) and Sasha Graham's Haunted House Tarot to dive deep into the recess of your Shadow Self which holds untended possibility and creativity.


Workshop includes:

Writing Prompts

Journaling Exercises

Parter Reading Practice

Guided Meditation


Gerd Bodhi Ziegler

Tarot – Mirror of the Soul


How Tarot supports my Gerd Bodhi Ziegler‘s work (with consciously living und searching) people

герд циглер-web.jpg

Soror IS, Russia. Topic:
Tarot magic: correction of alignments and creation of tarot mascots.
safety technique, the choice of a method for adjusting the situation in specific cases, the effectiveness of both methods, the possibility of combining them.


Tzachi Shai Dichner

'Tarot as a communication tool with the archetypes in the collective subconscious'


Victoria Braojos Nieves “Ayala” is the director, founder and teacher of the European Esoteric School of the Order of Ayala, which has 6 centers in Spain that have been open for 13 years.

She has been researching, collecting, studying and practicing issues related to occultism and esotericism in different countries for more than 20 years. Specializing in ritual magic, tarot and symbolism, she is the author of four books related to ceremonial magic, tarot, divination oracles and symbolic dream analysi

victoria Виктория Испания-web.jpg

Maya Rabinovich -AUTHOR OF BOOKS AND TAROS FOR CHILDREN. working on tarot Kabbalah

מיה רבינוביץ.jpg

Natalia Digur (Israel)

A Fascinating Adventure through the 10 Sephirot and the 22 Tzinorot (32 Paths of Wisdom).

                           Divination and Transformation quest    

                         "The Tree of Life"


Through this quest you can:


  • Get an answer to any question – past, present and future

  • Examine any situation or problem and foresee its successful solution through your inner resources.

  • Recognize erroneous behavior models and change them.

  • Influence the development of the situation and/or problem scenario and build a model of the future.

Ofir Nahum (Israel)

Topic: how tarot can help us deal with psychological problems


Polina Sagarda (Israel)

Topic: 4 elements of tarot in our name. The mystery of 22 Hebrew letters and their correspondence to the Tarot Arcanum

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